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1 Customized digital services

We will create the personal, relevant, and engaging experiences that Canadians expect. Our goal is to make sure all Canadians see themselves reflected in our digital services while connecting them to the many communities and voices that make our country great.

Television mounted on the wall with CBC Gem homepage

Hungry for digital? Come see what Radio-Canada’s got cooking!

CBC and Radio-Canada news and entertainment programs are now available on the Roku platform.

Minecraft homescreen with a school bus with title Reporting 101: Misinformation

CBC Kids News launches new youth journalism experience — in Minecraft

Reporting 101: Misinformation, a world created in Minecraft Education, shows young people how to recognize misinformation and develop critical thinking skills.

2 Engaging with young audiences

We will become a leader in bringing the best content to our children and youth with the goal of enriching their lives and engaging them with their country.

10 years of Curio

CBC/Radio-Canada celebrates Curio’s 10th anniversary

Over the past 10 years, Curio has emerged as an essential teaching tool that reaches millions of students and teachers across the country.

CBC Kids Read Gary the Unicorn with a book

CBC KIDS READS shares the love of books with young audiences across Canada, March 27-30, 2023

As CBC’s great Canadian book debate, Canada Reads, returns for its 22nd edition later this month, a new generation of book lovers are encouraged to participate in the literary celebration with CBC KIDS READS, also running March 27-30

3 Prioritizing our local connections

This is the heart of our connection with Canadians. We will strengthen this connection with significant local and regional content that is relevant to people in their communities, and bring those communities to the rest of the country.

Wildenette reporting from the side of the road

Responsible and trustworthy news: CBC/Radio-Canada takes you behind the headlines and into its newsrooms

CBC/Radio-Canada’s journalists, newsroom leaders and ombudsmen answered your questions.

Collab logo – CBC/Radio-Canda in your public library

Collab is the new name for CBC/Radio-Canada’s library partnerships program

As the program enters its third year and celebrates Canadian Library Month, new partners are joining us in the Collab adventure.

4 Reflecting contemporary Canada

We will reflect the range and richness of this country’s diversity, celebrating our different perspectives, and all the things that bring us together. We will do this in our staffing, as well as our content choices.

Accessiblity Icons

CBC/Radio-Canada launches new National Accessibility Plan to better serve and represent Canadians with disabilities

First-ever National Accessibility Plan, Breaking Barriers, will position Canada’s national public broadcaster to be an industry leader in accessibility.

Radio=-Canada and APTN logos

Indigenous Screen Office, APTN and Radio-Canada launch Early Stage Scripted Development Program

A new pilot project to support Indigenous creators in the pre-development project stage is being launched today in collaboration with the Indigenous Screen Office (ISO), APTN and Radio-Canada.

5 Taking Canada to the world

Anyone who watches Netflix or uses iTunes knows that today we live in a global market. If Canadian culture is going to be strong, it needs to be part of the global market from which Canadians now consume more content. We will ensure our country and Canadian creators are seen and heard the world over.

CCBC and ZDF logos

National public broadcasters ZDF and CBC/Radio-Canada announce renewed partnership

MOU focuses on trusted news and co-development of scripted, factual-entertainment and documentary programming.

Catherine Tait and Jim Mather signing the agreement

National public broadcasters RNZ (Radio New Zealand) and CBC/Radio-Canada announce new partnership agreement

MOU focuses on Indigenous cultures and languages, podcasts and journalist training.


Wildinette Paul


"You always need to be creative to get your message across."

Wildinette Paul

Catherine Léger


"The opportunities are huge. It's an organization that wants to change, but that also wants to stay incredibly relevant."

Catherine Léger
Senior Manager, Marketing Communications and Publicity

Nadia Kidwai


"I think when people think about CBC there is an immediate trust. Which is something that we do not take for granted, it's something that we built over time."

Nadia Kidwai

Leo Damian


"We are focusing on content and programming that reflect our community."

Leo Damian
Communications Officer